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CAFL 2019 All Stars & MVP's

By CAFL, 08/09/19, 12:00PM CDT


League All Stars and MVP's Announced

*Based on the amount of votes players received from opposing teams, as well as the vote margin for their unit!*

CAFL Offensive MVP

Josh Oberle (Cowboys)

CAFL Defensive MVP

Willie McCalebb (Cowboys)


CAFL First Team All-Stars

Each team nominated players from their respective teams; representatives from each team and our Player Alliance then voted for players other than their own.


Quarterback: Dom Bell (Storm)

Running Back: Oojay Wilkerson (Cowboys)

Wide Receivers: Josh Oberle (Cowboys), Garrett Lasley (Storm),  Chris Lipscomb (Warriors)

Tight End: Kellen Lager (Cowboys)

O-Tackles: Chris Garner (Cowboys), Ty Goin (Cowboys)

O-Guards: Stoney West (Cowboys), Joe Amos (Warriors)

Center: Tyler Bortles (Cowboys)



D-Ends: Kirk Eggleston (Warriors), John Goode (Cowboys)

D-Tackles: Victor Brady (Cowboys), Tristan Payton (Cowboys)

Linebackers: Seth Howard (Cowboys), Akeem Peterson (Cowboys), Todd Bland Jr. (Warriors)

Corner Backs: Cortland Martin (Cowboys), Xavier Thompson (Cowboys)

Safeties: Willie McCalleb (Cowboys), Rickey Clifton (Warriors)



Return Specialists: Josh Oberle (Cowboys), Corinthian Coakley Jr. (Sabercats)

Kicker: Darren Mackie (Cowboys)

Punter: Anthony Smith (Sabercats)


CAFL Second Team All-Stars


Quarterback: Nate Samas (Cowboys)

Running Back: Sam Epps (Cowboys)

Wide Receivers: Solomon Geary (Cowboys), Corinthian Coakley Jr. (Sabercats), Mustaful Strong (Storm)

Tight End: Garry Thompson (Storm)

O-Tackles: Desmond Goines (Warriors), Antoine "Bear" Adams (Warriors)

O-Guards: Chris Hoskins (Storm), Deshawn Goodman (Warriors)

Center: Ryley Licata (Storm)



D-Ends: Kellen Lager (Cowboys), Jimmy Vang (Storm)

D-Tackles: Derrick Bibbs (Storm), Sama Kallon (Warriors)

Linebackers: Jesse Hattersohl (Storm), Joshua Vaughan (Warriors), Joe Bredice (Storm)

Corner Backs: Tevis Wilson (Warriors), Tracy Samuels (Storm)

Safeties: Theotis "Woo" Johnson (Sabercats), Vontrez Phelps (Warriors)



Return Specialists: Riza Mahmoud (Warriors), Willie McCalebb (Cowboys)

Kicker: John Ostertag (Warriors)

Punter: Darren Mackie (Cowboys