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CAFL 2019 All Stars & MVP's

By CAFL 08/09/2019, 12:00pm CDT

League All Stars and MVP's Announced

*Based on the amount of votes players received from opposing teams, as well as the vote margin for their unit!*

CAFL Offensive MVP

Josh Oberle (Cowboys)

CAFL Defensive MVP

Willie McCalebb (Cowboys)


CAFL First Team All-Stars

Each team nominated players from their respective teams; representatives from each team and our Player Alliance then voted for players other than their own.


Quarterback: Dom Bell (Storm)

Running Back: Oojay Wilkerson (Cowboys)

Wide Receivers: Josh Oberle (Cowboys), Garrett Lasley (Storm),  Chris Lipscomb (Warriors)

Tight End: Kellen Lager (Cowboys)

O-Tackles: Chris Garner (Cowboys), Ty Goin (Cowboys)

O-Guards: Stoney West (Cowboys), Joe Amos (Warriors)

Center: Tyler Bortles (Cowboys)



D-Ends: Kirk Eggleston (Warriors), John Goode (Cowboys)

D-Tackles: Victor Brady (Cowboys), Tristan Payton (Cowboys)

Linebackers: Seth Howard (Cowboys), Akeem Peterson (Cowboys), Todd Bland Jr. (Warriors)

Corner Backs: Cortland Martin (Cowboys), Xavier Thompson (Cowboys)

Safeties: Willie McCalleb (Cowboys), Rickey Clifton (Warriors)



Return Specialists: Josh Oberle (Cowboys), Corinthian Coakley Jr. (Sabercats)

Kicker: Darren Mackie (Cowboys)

Punter: Anthony Smith (Sabercats)


CAFL Second Team All-Stars


Quarterback: Nate Samas (Cowboys)

Running Back: Sam Epps (Cowboys)

Wide Receivers: Solomon Geary (Cowboys), Corinthian Coakley Jr. (Sabercats), Mustaful Strong (Storm)

Tight End: Garry Thompson (Storm)

O-Tackles: Desmond Goines (Warriors), Antoine "Bear" Adams (Warriors)

O-Guards: Chris Hoskins (Storm), Deshawn Goodman (Warriors)

Center: Ryley Licata (Storm)



D-Ends: Kellen Lager (Cowboys), Jimmy Vang (Storm)

D-Tackles: Derrick Bibbs (Storm), Sama Kallon (Warriors)

Linebackers: Jesse Hattersohl (Storm), Joshua Vaughan (Warriors), Joe Bredice (Storm)

Corner Backs: Tevis Wilson (Warriors), Tracy Samuels (Storm)

Safeties: Theotis "Woo" Johnson (Sabercats), Vontrez Phelps (Warriors)



Return Specialists: Riza Mahmoud (Warriors), Willie McCalebb (Cowboys)

Kicker: John Ostertag (Warriors)

Punter: Darren Mackie (Cowboys

Playoff Standings Not Locked in Yet

By Staff 07/02/2019, 5:30pm CDT

2019 Playoff Questions

July 2, 2019


The standings are still like a Jenga stack.  Although this week it looks like it could be all locked in, the two games coming up July 4 and July 13th may change things.

If playoffs were to happen this weekend, the bracket would look something like this:

Sabercats vs. Cowboys; winner plays Warriors and 

Rough Riders vs. Mud Dawgs; winner plays Storm


With the Cowboys playing both the Rough Riders and the Warriors, things could be mixed up a bit.  Stay tuned and find out if your favorite team will be hosting in the playoffs!




2019 Player Representative Alliance

By Staff 07/01/2019, 8:00am CDT

Player Alliance

July 1, 2019


The CAFL Player Representative Alliance was formed in 2018 to allow the players to have a place to go for peer to peer discussion as well as bring issues or suggestions to the League Board.  Each team has 1 or 2 player representatives that sit on the Player Alliance.  

Players are encouraged to bring issues or concerns to their teams' player representative who in turn can bring it to the player alliance for discussion.  Items that would change the way a league rule or policy is handled can be brought to the League's weekly board meetings for additional discussion and can be motioned to a vote.

The CAFL believes that the players need to have a voice in what is going on in the league and this allows those concerns to be heard at the highest level.  

To find out who your teams player representatives are, reach out to a Coach or other staff member.


2019 SPFL Pigskin Classic